2018 Jigsaw Puzzle Contest Winners

With over 150 4-person teams participating from as far away as New York, Texas and California, this year’s Jigsaw Puzzle Contest at the 2018 Winter Carnival was a sight to see. Using strategy and teamwork, teams battled head to head to complete their 500-piece puzzles the fastest to win exciting prizes and bragging rights in this nationwide competition. This year’s contest took place on Saturday, January 27th at Landmark Center.

Unlike your typical speed-puzzle contest, this one comes with a twist! Each division (Adult and Family) were provided with different puzzles that they weren’t allowed to see until time began. To make it even harder, not only were the PuzzleTwist® designs created specifically for the competition and drawn by local artists, but each puzzle’s design included up to 25 hidden elements that were not included on the box cover image!

Not discouraged, the winning puzzlers finished the competition at just around the 40-minute mark of their 2-hour allotment. Congratulations to this year’s winning teams!

Adult Division Results:

1st Place: Wicker Kittens | Time = 38:25
2nd Place: The Collectors | Time = 39:25
3rd Place: Cutting Tools | Time = 44:11

Family Division Results:

1st Place: Pillager Puzzlers | Time = 37:28
2nd Place: Thala-Sirens | Time = 39:17
3rd Place: Puzzle Masters | Time = 41:55

Click here to see all team times from the Family Division.

Click here to view more photos from the Family Division.


Want to try this year’s cool designs for yourself? They’re available for sale in the Winter Carnival online store!

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