2018 Royal Family Announced


The 2018 royal family was announced on Friday, January 26th.Thousands of people were in attendance at the Royal Coronation waiting for the newly crowned King Boreas and Queen of Snows to be revealed. After a night of performances and the honoring of past royal families, it was declared that Tom Leonard of the House of Fury Motors and Jilla Nadimi of the House of Party Time Liquors will be this year’s King Boreas LXXXII and Aurora, Queen of Snows.

Jilla Nadimi, growing up as an immigrant, found community to be an essential resource. Throughout her youth, Girl Scouts nurtured this passion as she earned her Gold Award. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota in French and Global Studies, she continues to build community both at home and abroad. Currently, as a Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for the American Refugee Committee, she supports field teams in providing aid to refugees and internally displaced persons in countries including Rwanda, Somalia, and Syria. Through her involvement with the Saint Paul Winter Carnival, she will expand her community service locally and proudly represent the city she loves.


The royal family plays an important part in the Winter Carnival and are responsible for representing the city of  Saint Paul and the Winter Carnival throughout the city, metro, state and even into Canada.


Congratulations to the 2018 Royal Family:
King Boreas LXXXII – Tom Leonard

Aurora, Queen of Snows – Jilla Nadimi

Prime Minister – Christine Quandt

Titan, Prince of the North Wind – Bob Flood

Euros, Prince of the East Wind – Bill Wearn

Zephyrus, Prince of the West Wind & West Wind Princess – Daryl Wahl and Dani Ross

Notos, Prince of the South Wind – Steve Doody and Jacquelyn Chatelaine

Captain of the Guard-Jeff DeKeuster

Guard Sergeant – Christopher Seebeck

King’s Guard – Brenda Hocum

King’s Guard – Jamie Rued

King’s Guard – Dan Maslowski