Drive-Thru Bus Application

Looking for a fun way to spend a cool wintry day with your residents, day care, or student group?  The Drive-Thru Ice & Snow Sculpture Park is a great winter outing that keeps you in your seats and away from crowds while still experiencing the fun of a Minnesota winter!

While Drive-Thru tickets are restricted to small passenger vehicles, we understand that not all individuals have access to a vehicle. Therefore, we have set aside a few times for small groups to enjoy the experience using your group’s shuttle bus, minibus or mini-coach.

We invite you to join us on Wednesday, February 3 from 10am-12:30pm for a special opportunity to bring your group through this winter wonderland. 

Fill out the below application to apply for access for your group. Upon approval, you will receive a code to allow you to purchase tickets for the Drive-Thru experience. 

If you’re struggling to pull funding together for your group, contact the SPFHF office at or 651-223-7400 about sponsoring your visit.