Thank You to Our Sponsors!

We would like to recognize and thank the great supporters throughout the community who have chipped in to help us build this incredible Ice Palace for Saint Paul!










Andy O’Connell                                                       

Patty & Susan McNealy

Anchor Bank

Past Princess Association

Roseville Visitors Center

Landmark Center

City of Saint Paul

SPFHF Ambassadors Association

Seven Hills Benefit Partners

Coulee Bank

Cherokee Manufacturing

Madison Clare Foundation

Stinson Leonard Street

Summit Renovation & Design

Anodyne, Inc.

Sunrise Bank

Gateway Bank

Carpenters Local 322

Kathy Bjerke

Alexandra Bjorklund

David & Margaret Cochrane

Joan Kelly

Jane Lonergan

Dwayne & Michele Couillard

Leigh & Sally Countryman

Stephen J. Craane, MD

Jason DeKeuster

Sue & Tom DePauw

Thomas Famham

Juliette Francis

Jose Frias

William & Jodi Grimm

Jerry & Robyn Gunderman

Elizabeth Hartinger

Mark Henneman

Monte & Mary Johnson

Tom Keller

Lady Wendy Kuntz

Mary Lehrman

Peggy & Dick Lidstad

Jim & Connie Long

Jenny & Toby Madden

Tim Madden

Mike & Becca Maranda

Edwin McCarthy

Patty & Susan McNealy

Jerry & Eileen Perra Family

Bryan & Elizabeth Pershing

Vern Riediger

Alex Temali-Smith

The Stotts Family

The Taglia Family

The Tamburo Family

Joanne Votel MD

Leo Yurek

Ted & Kathy Zwieg