Meet the 2018 Klondike Kate Candidates

She had beauty and charm, and she struck it rich in the Gold Rush of 1898 as the most famous dance hall girl in the north. She so charmed the legions of miners that they showered her with gold dust and nuggets, nicknaming her “Klondike Kate.”

In 1971, a contest was initiated for choosing a new Kate each year, but she became so in demand that past Klondike Kate Contest winners continue to perform to fulfill more performances. She has since become Saint Paul’s mistress of fun, frivolity, and good fellowship, and her role in the Saint Paul Winter Carnival Legend is to bring song, fun, and merriment to all activities.

Today, the Klondike Kates make over 100 appearances each year, including singing live on their award-winning float in summer parades and many other engagements, all while pursuing full-time business careers.

Join us Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. at Envision Event Center for the crowning of the 2018 Klondike Kate!

Meet the Candidates

Natalia Hemingway

Natalia can rock and roll!  She recently fronted a classic rock band and has been a member of the Minnesota Ladies Arm Wrestling League!  At 5 years old, she captivated the crowd at a street dance belting out “Achy Breaky Heart.”  Choosing three times to live in Minnesota, Natalia now lives in St. Louis Park and would love for St. Paul to choose her to be Klondike Kate!

Deborah Hess

This is Deborah’s second run for Klondike Kate.  She says, “give me a reason to dress up and become a persona and I’m there!”  She has the costume closet to prove it.  She‘s been a performer since childhood:  regional theater, karaoke, and the Minneapolis Aquatennial Senior Singers.  In 2015, Deborah was Senior Aquatennial Princess.  She’s always a lady, but knows how to strut her stuff!

Brenda Jordan

Brenda’s fascination with history and “how things used to be” has brought her to the Klondike Kate stage.  Mother to contestant, Miranda, Brenda raises chickens and ducks in Maple Lake, and volunteers at triathlons and marathons. Shy by nature, being entertaining and flirting brings out the naughty in this nice farmgirl!

Miranda Jordan

Miranda is a traveler, animal collector and actress with her sights set on Hollywood!  While rocking out in her car,  she creates random tunes she calls “Mirandoms.”  She loves performing and knowing her audience is having a good time.  She hails from Maple Lake. Tonight, she is sharing the stage with her mom, Brenda Jordan.  

Rachel Orzoff

Returning to the Klondike Kate stage for fourth time, Rachel has been both a professional and a local community performer. She shares her love of music at civic centers, nursing homes, street fairs, and fundraisers. She spent five years in prison………good thing she worked there and was able to go home every night! She’s just a nice Jewish mommy living in Bloomington crossed with a Jazz singer from Manhattan.

Shelley Pabst

In high school and college, performing on stage is where Shelley would light up!  She’s a farmer, computer programmer and avid yarn crafter.  She volunteers her grooming services for rescue dogs.  This South St. Paul gal decided as a child she wanted to be Klondike Kate when she grew up.  Shelley says its time!

Sheryl Williams

With a song in her heart and stardust in her eyes, Sheryl feels she was born to be Klondike Kate.  She is a wordsmith by day and a blackjack dealer by night.  She has performed in singing groups, small town theater, contests, and in recent years, has done a considerable of public speaking.  From the wilds of Welch Township, Sheryl is here for her second try at the Kate sash.