2018 Ice Carving Competition

The 2018 Saint Paul Winter Carnival has officially come to an end. However, looking back on all the family-friendly activities, live entertainment and delicious food, the 17 days were more than a success! One of the most sought out features of the Winter Carnival each year are the beautiful ice carvings on display in Rice Park for all to enjoy. These beautiful sculptures are the result of two different carving competitions: the Multi-Block Ice Carving Competition and the Individual Block Ice Carving Competition.

The two events were held on different days in order to give the sculptors ample amount of space to complete their creations. The Multi-Block Ice Carving Competition was held on the first day of the Carnival through the first weekend. Each team or contestant was given 48 hours and 20 blocks of ice, sized approximately 40” x 20” x 10” to complete their designs in time to be judged. The finished carvings couldn’t be any more than 12’ above the ground and no wider than 12’ by 10’.

Multi-Block Winners

1st Place: Les Voyageurs
Carved by: John Cooper, John Njoes, John Matis and Tim Moore

2nd Place: Palace Protector
Carved by: Greg Schmotzer

Congratulations to all of our carvers for providing beautiful sculpture to decorate Rice Park!

The Individual Ice Block Carving Competition took place on Saturday, February 3rd starting at 9 a.m. The individual competition was divided into two divisions, Professional and Artisan.

Each team or artisan received 1 ½ – 2, 10” x 20” x 40” blocks of ice to turn into their own dazzling display of skilled artwork. Just like the Multi-Block Competition, the Individual Block Competition was timed, providing the artisans with 6 hours to have their creations completed in time for judging.

Individual-Block Winners


1st Place: Winter Hummer
Carved by: John Raak and Tom Roloff

2nd Place: Ancient Magic
Carved by: Paul Hughes and Kennedy Hughes

3rd Place: Phoenix Rising
Carved by: Randy Raak


1st Place: Boy’s Best Friend
Carved by: Jim Zupfer and Nate Stromberg

And many other spectacular designs decorated the Winter Carnival!


All of the ice carvings were available to view during the 2018 Saint Paul Winter Carnival in Rice Park. With each passing Winter Carnival, the ice sculptures become more and more magnificent. Thank you to all the sculptors and artisans for sharing your talents with Saint Paul – we’re looking forward to next year!