SPFHF Board Member Application


Board of Directors Nomination & Application Process

The Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation (SPFHF) is the proud producer of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival and Cinco De Mayo West Side. The SPFHF annually seeks new candidates to fill vacated Board Positions.  We are looking for candidates who have been supporters of the SPFHF as past and current members, volunteers, community partners, sponsors or past uniform group legend characters.

Attached is a document designed to provide you information regarding Board obligations and Committee assignments.  Board terms generally run for two years. (June-May)

Nomination Process:

If you are interested in becoming a new Board Member please provide a resume highlighting your past and present volunteer experiences, membership with past and current civic and charitable organizations. Your resume should also include a brief statement of your occupational job skills. Along with your resume, include your responses to the following:

  1. I am interested in serving on the SPFHF Board of Directors because…
  2. I believe that my skills and experience in (for example – finance, marketing, membership development, fundraising, etc.) would benefit the Board of Directors because…
  3. If elected to serve on the Board of Directors, I would like to serve on the following two board committees and two event committees and why. (for example – finance, marketing, membership development, fundraising, etc.) – see full list attached.

Please note that submitting information does not guarantee Board placement.  The Nomination and Board Development Committee will review all applicants with respect to the needs of the current Board of Directors.  This includes, but is not limited to, skills needed to carry out Board functions and strategic plans, representation of various groups, and ability to represent different cultures, values, opinions and perspectives.

Submit your information by May 20th to office@spfhf.org or SPFHF, 429 Landmark Center, 75 West 5th Street, Saint Paul, MN 55102. Questions regarding the role, please contact Greg Kuntz, Vice-Chair 651-270-3007 or greg@riverrunteam.com.  Incomplete nomination materials submitted will not be considered.

The Nomination and Board Development Committee will make its nomination recommendations to the current Board of Directors at the next Board meeting and voting will take place at the meeting. Notifications will take place following the next board meeting.

Board Member General Expectation 2021-2022


  • Membership:  Board members are expected to maintain a membership with the SPFHF at a financial level comfortable to them.
  • $200 Annual Board Commitment:  You will receive Winter Carnival buttons ($200 value), to sell during the Winter Carnival.


  • Monthly Board Meetings* – Meetings scheduled the last Wednesday of each month (subject to change) at 5:00 p.m. Depending on agenda, meetings typically end between 6:30-7 p.m. and are held at the Landmark Center, downtown St. Paul
  • Special Board Meetings as called by Board Chair
  • Board Committee Meetings*
  • Year-round events including but not limited to: Winter Carnival, Sip & Savor, Golf Tournament, Cinco de Mayo, Spring & Fall Fundraisers and more.
  • Volunteering and attending key festival events including but not limited to: Ice bars, parades, point of contact at special events, cash management, Button Unveiling Royal Coronation, Volunteer Appreciation events, etc.

*Attendance is expected for all Board meetings and committees you are on.  Any planned absences are to be communicated with the Board Chair. Board members will be contacted, and may be asked to resign, following three missed Board and/or Committee meetings.


  • Two (2) year Board commitment June – May (21-22 & 22-23)
  • At least one Board committee
  • At least one event committee
  • Meetings with sponsors/partners (as appropriate)
  • As a volunteer at events (as needed)

Thank you for doing your part to help us achieve our mission:

To foster a sense of community, pride, belonging and connectedness by celebrating Saint Paul’s unique history and emerging heritage through fun and educational experiences.

Download Application:  Here