Uffda! That’s A Fancy Hotdish!

The inaugural Fancy Hotdish Competition, presented by Kowalski’s Market and U.S. Foods, took place on February 7th, 2018 at The Lexington restaurant in Saint Paul, MN. Featuring 7 local restaurant chefs as competitors, the competition provided a unique twist on a traditional Minnesotan staple.

Over 100 hungry guests attended the event with the privilege of having the chance to vote for the People’s Choice Hotdish, as well as receiving samples provided by each contestant’s entry.

All six of the dishes included new, intriguing flavor profiles from the creative chefs competing from Kowalski’s Market, The Lexington, Joan’s in the Park, Revival, Pajarito, Saint Paul Grill, and Red Cow.


After tasting all of the dishes, Red Cow was the clear winner, taking home 1st place in both the Judge’s Choice and the People’s Choice prizes for their Not Tot Hotdish (#1 pictured above)!

1st Place:
Red Cow | Not Tot Hotdish; Smoked Short Ribs and American Cheese-fried Risotto

Try the Recipe!

2nd Place:
Joan’s in the Park | Beef Tenderloin Puff Pastry Hotdish

3rd Place:
Revival | Tennessee Hot Chicken Hotdish


Congratulations to our top 3 placing teams, and thank you to all the participating chefs for introducing guests to creative new ways to create a signature hotdish!