Board and Staff

Board of Directors

The SPFHF annually seeks new candidates to fill vacated Board positions. We are looking for candidates who have been supporters of the SPFHF as past and current members, volunteers, community partners, sponsors or past uniform group legend characters. Click here to learn more and submit your information for consideration by April 20.



Board Chair – Jennifer Tamburo
Vice Chair – Jose Frias

Past Board Chair – Chris Danielson
Treasurer – Connie Long
Secretary – Julie Wearn
Gambling Manager – Janet Crittenden
Board Member at Large – Jason DeKeuster
Board Member at Large – Kathy Bjerke
Amy Mauzy

Bob Matson
Brian Schmechel
Brent Kelm

Carolyn Blakey
Elizabeth Lambrecht

Juliette Francis
Kat Christopherson
Lisa Stotts
Milissa Diaz
Molly Boyne
Pam McCurdy
Sarah Gartner
Steve Cortinas
Teri Green
Phil Schenkenberg


The Saint Paul Festival & Heritage Foundation maintains a ongoing administration. This year-round management provides the volunteer support, programming continuity and fiscal administration necessary to assure the continued growth and success of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Deb Schaber, President and CEO,, 651-223-7401