East Wind Scavenger Hunt Registration

King Boreas appointed Euros the King of the East Wind and as such he has come to represent the mysteries and ancient knowledge of the East. As such, his hunt will challenge you like no other. In this hunt your quest begins with 10 puzzles that are not for the faint of heart. They may employ codes, ciphers, or visual trickery that will take a keen mind to unravel. The one thing that they all have in common is they they will each direct you to a location in St. Paul. There you will glean a piece of information which when entered into the Goosechase app which we will be using (free to download) will not only confirm your success, but will also be a piece to the final puzzle. Each team can officially have up to four people (though only one entrance fee is required) and each member of the team will get a small prize if the final mission is completed. The missions will be available to your team leader through the app, and we will also email an electronic copy that the team can share. The hunt will end Sunday, February 6th at 5pm so your team will have until then to finish. And if your team happens to be the first to finish the final mission, you will be invited to march in the Torchlight Parade!

Submit your team’s registration for our East Wind Scavenger Hunt. Once registration is submitted, a confirmation will be sent to you email with information how to join on Goosechase. 

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