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Be Part of Something Cool! The Saint Paul Winter Carnival, the Coolest Celebration on Earth.


It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it is a Winter Carnival Volunteer! The Saint Paul Winter Carnival’s success is dependent on its over 1,000 Volunteers. We hope you’ll peruse the volunteer opportunities and spend some time volunteering for the “Coolest Celebration on Earth!”.

Volunteer Now

Volunteer at the Beer Dabbler Winter Carnival! Click here for more information.



Register to participate in the Grand Day Parade on Saturday January 30 and the Torchlight Parade Saturday February 6.

Parade Application available mid-September

Ice Carving Competition

Sign up for one of the most iconic events the Winter Carnival has to offer.

Applications available mid-September

Outdoor Vendor

Businesses looking to sell attractions or merchandise in Rice Park during Winter Carnival complete the outdoor vendor form.

Applications available mid-September

Puzzle Contest

Get a team together and sign up for the annual puzzle contest that is fun for the whole family.  Prizes are awarded to the top teams.

Applications available mid-September

Family Day

Local businesses, organizations, groups, and merchandise/craft sellers that have an interactive experience to offer families and children are invited to complete the Family Day form.

Applications available mid-September

Kids Day

Businesses, schools and non-profit organizations have the chance to promote your organization with kid friendly activities.

Applications available mid-September

Freeze Your Bags Off Tournament

This eight team outdoor bag tournament will start at noon  on Jan. 31 and continue until one team is crowned champion.

Applications available mid-September

Pie Eating Contest

Participants will be challenged to eat an entire Sunny Lane Pie as fast as they can.

Applications available mid-September

Minnesota State Snow Sculpting Competition

Snow Sculpting Competition provides artists an opportunity to show off their talents and win prizes. (More information)
Competition Entry Packet (MS Word version)
Competition Entry Packet (PDF version)

Geocache Information

Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunting game played throughout the world by adventure seekers equipped with GPS devices.
Geocaching Coordinates

Request the Royal Family

Invite the Royal Family to be a part of your next gathering! Simply fill out the form, return it, and they will respond with availability.

Request the Royal Family – (MS Word version)
Request the Royal Family – (PDF version)

Request the Senior Royalty

Invite the Senior Royalty to be a part of your next gathering! Simply fill out the form, return it, and they will respond with availability.
Request the Senior Royalty