South Wind Scavenger Hunt Registration

Notos was appointed King of the South Wind by King Boreas and generally represents the more fun, care-free lifestyle of the warmer climes. Thus it is in that spirit that Notos challenges you to have fun in this hunt! A true scavenger hunt, you will not be tasked with travelling to specific locations. Rather, these 30 missions will challenge you and your team to find or create your own good times by looking for specific things or requiring specific actions wherever you may come across them. All are related to either enjoying our winter weather outdoors or keeping warm by having a good time inside. However, Notos, like his brothers, is a bit mischievous and instead of a list, has given you merely a clue to each thing required. Once you have found or created each item on the list you will be using the Goosechase app on your team leader’s phone (free to download) to confirm each triumph with either a photo or video. Each team can officially have up to four people (though only one entrance fee is required) and each member of the team will get a small prize if all 30 missions are completed. The missions will be available to your team leader through the app, and we will also email an electronic copy that the team can share. The hunt will end Sunday, February 6th at 5pm so your team will have until then to finish. And if your team happens to be the first to finish all 30 missions, you will be invited to march in the Torchlight Parade!

Register for our South Wind Scavenger Hunt! Once registered, an email confirmation will be sent to you with details on how to join on Goosechase! 

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