West Wind Scavenger Hunt Registration

Zephyrus is the West Wind and, being dressed as a cowboy, is a favorite of the kids. Thus this hunt is aimed at families. To complete this quest your family must venture to Como Park on the West side of the city. There Zephyrus has set loose 15 horses which have scattered around the park. But fear not! Zephyrus has also provided clues for the parents to figure out to help guide each family to where the horses are hiding. When you find a horse, it will have a riddle for the kids to figure out which is the name of that horse. This hunt will be run through the Goosechase app (free to download) on the team leader’s phone. All 15 clues will be available on the app as well as emailed to the team leader. When a horse is found, enter it’s name into the app for that mission in order to complete it. Complete all 15 missions and the family gets a small prize. This hunt is designed to be able to be completed in one day, though teams will have until the end of the hunt on Sunday, February 6th to finish. However, the first family to finish all 15 missions will get invited to participate in the Torchlight Parade!

Register for our West Wind Scavenger Hunt! Once registered, an email confirmation will be sent to you with details on how to join on Goosechase! 

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