2019 Winter Carnival West Wind Dinner

YEE HAW… Cowboys, Cowgirls, and Cow Folks!!!!

You are invited to attend the 2019 West Wind Organization Shindig!!  This event is the wildest gun-toting, boot-knocking, and 10-gallon-hat-wearing hoedown during Winter Carnival.

During our Shindig we will say Farewell to our beloved 2018 West Wind Prince Daryl Wahl, his West Wind Princess Dani Ross, and Guard Brenda Hocum. Our Honored Guest for this “BIG SOIREE” event will be the new 2019 West Wind Prince, Randy Graff, and Lady of the West, Shelley Duran. Horses, whiskey, and tall-tales are all welcome!!

6 P.M. – Social Hour

7 P.M. – Dinner & Program